Although bronze, one of the most important alloys of copper, was previously known as a mixture of copper and tin, it is referred to all alloys except copper-nickel, copper-beryllium and copper-zinc alloy in today's uses. Copper-zinc mixture alloys are called brass, and brass containing 10% zinc is also called commercial bronze.

Bronze finds use in it because it is harder than copper, melts more easily and is poured more suitable for mold. We can even say that some bronzes are harder than iron. These bronzes find use in the manufacture of gun barrels and machine beds. Bronze predominantly contains silicon, aluminum and tin elements. When the ratios of these elements increase, the hardness and resistance of the bronze alloy also increases. Small amounts of elements can be counted as manganese, iron, lead and phosphorus. We can see that phosphor bronze is mainly used in the construction of pumps, valves and bushings. We can see that bronze is predominantly used in metal currency production.

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