What is CNC Abkant Twist ?

CNC Press Brake is a sheet metal forming machine that bends the sheet metal raw material into the desired form. There are models in different tonnages and widths. It consists of parts such as upper mold, lower mold, hydraulic axes, CNC control unit. By applying hydraulic pressure to the female mold of the upper mold, it compresses the sheet metal in between, allowing bending at different angles. With the developing technology, the control of the computer over the machines is increasing rapidly. The fact that the work done in the press brake benches can be done in a better quality, faster and easier way increases the quality and competitiveness of the production. This is possible with the computer-controlled press brake bending machine. Press brakes apply force to sheet metal with hydraulic pressure.

Information such as material type, material thickness, pressure to be applied are entered into the device from the CNC control panel. After this information is given, animation is obtained and the product that will emerge after the bending process is seen. Another important feature of CNC-controlled press brakes is that the back gauge can be moved. Thanks to forward, backward, down and up, the desired form can be given with more precise production.